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Anti-Scam Technology Review: GCG Asia’s Verdict on the Upcoming Fraud-Detection Software

Our writers at GCG Asia Malaysia and Singapore have been monitoring an exciting product. You may have read our earlier coverage of this new revolutionary tool to combat online scams. If you haven’t, it is a software being developed by a team of programming and computational algorithm experts based in Malaysia and Singapore.

The concept was brought to life through a meeting between a team of experts and enthusiasts who were driven to combat online fraud. This passion to serve a public need for protection led this team to kickstart the project. The team set out to pitch this concept to various cybersecurity and internet privacy organizations in order to get the project up and running. One of the funders of this anti scam software is GCG Asia CEO Dr. Eddy Teow. Dr. Teow clearly believes in the potential of this and has pledged his full support for the product during GCG Asia’s anti scam software pre-launch online event.

GCG Asia’s anti scam software is currently under development. The software requires time and resources to complete. Although developers are hoping for GCG Asia’s anti scam software to be released, the software is currently reaching the final stages of completion. GCG Asia’s anti scam software developers are currently testing its capabilities through various trials.

Our GCG Asia Writers were able to reach out to the developers of anti scam for an exclusive preview of the new software. We were lucky enough to run through a trial of the software itself with the help of GCG Asia’s anti scam developers.
So here are our thoughts on GCG Asia’s anti scam as we will provide you a brief review on its functionality and exciting potential.

How GCG Asia’s anti scam Plugin Works

GCG Asia’s anti scam software is a web plugin. This plugin is functional on most web browsing softwares. GCG Asia’s anti scam is written in the PHP programming language. PHP offers a fresh approach to self-learning algorithms, cross validation, neural networking, preprocessing and feature extraction. PHP is perhaps one of the most popular programming languages amongst web developers as it offers various capabilities. In order for anti scam developers to properly develop the software’s machine learning capabilities, they are using a tool called Rubix ML.

Rubix ML is a library for machine learning functions within the PHP language. And is also open source and free to use commercially. Rubix ML allows developers to build machine learning algorithms within just a few lines of code, which greatly speeds up the process. Rubix ML also offers an intuitive interface which is able to simplify the power and complexity of the machine learning codes. To put it simply, Rubix ML allows developers to write less code.

Perhaps the most important question comes to mind, is GCG Asia’s anti scam safe to use? The answer is 100%. In fact, the software’s machine learning algorithm’s set objective is to ensure a safe browsing experience, and is limited to your browser only, meaning it will not interfere with your privacy and will also not add any new features or updates without the user’s permission.

Now, let’s talk about the bugs. Every software comes with its share of bugs, but it is something that is completely unavoidable in this day and age. However, GCG Asia review of the anti scam tech in our trials have shown great results for sustainability and performance. GCG Asia’s anti scam was able to overcome most challenges posed by our white hat hackers we hired for the review session.

The very few bugs that were detected will eventually be eliminated. The developers will be releasing a bunch of patches after GCG Asia’s anti scam’s release in the market to deal with minor bugs that could potentially come to life after its initial release. The developers are hopeful that such bugs will not affect the overall performance of GCG Asia’s anti scam software.

The user interface for GCG Asia’s anti scam software was something we were able to see for the first time. Although it is not fully developed yet, the user interface demo gave us an insight at the extreme ease of use and responsiveness that the software offers. It’s easy to use interface simplifies the entire process, which is something we at GCG Asia are looking forward to.

GCG Asia Review of the anti scam’s Self Learning Technology 

We can’t talk about GCG Asia’s anti scam tech without mentioning its deep learning capabilities. Deep learning or machine learning, is a new technology that is being used by various software and web applications. The whole concept of machine learning comes down to the flexibility of algorithms due its sophisticated design. The algorithms are given some target objectives in which its only purpose is to fulfill those objectives. The algorithm will then be able to make decisions without human interventions. These decisions are based on complex calculations which determine various sets of outcomes. The algorithm will choose the outcome that is more favourable to its objective.

But you may ask, why is machine learning so important for GCG Asia’s anti scam software? Well, developers are hoping to be less involved in making the algorithm work better, but instead, allow the algorithm itself to determine what is the best outcome. This is due to the complex nature of computer processes, it would take so much time for developers to solve computational problems. While machines would be able to solve it faster and evolve by itself. This will allow the algorithm to become smarter in order to combat the various new ways that scammers could use to commit online financial fraud.

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What Can GCG Asia’s Anti Scam Software Do For You?

What surprised us the most here at GCG Asia Malaysia and Singapore, is the sheer number of features that were not discussed previously by the developers. A feature that we really liked is the improved search engine results of GCG Asia’s anti scam software that acts as a filter to screen red flags. When enabled, the anti scam will be able to optimize your search engine tool in order to provide you with better and safer search results. The plugin almost eliminates all results that could be considered a red flag. This for us was a very powerful feature that should not be underestimated.

Another cool feature is the Scam Detector button. This button will be placed on the top right corner of the browser you are using. The button will allow you to conduct a scan on a website without having to let the software scan for you automatically. GCG Asia’s anti scam plugin will also provide pop up notifications whenever a shady website is accessed. This notification system could be turned off in the settings within a few clicks.

GCG Asia as a Technological Assistant

Self-learning software solutions are already slowly sneaking into our daily lives. Smart devices for example, are a great example of self-learning technologies embedded within these devices. Most smart device users have experienced at least one of the self-learning functions within their devices. The most notable self-learning technologies being Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Siri for example has been around since 2011 on Apple devices.

GCG Asia’s anti scam software is perhaps one of the earliest and few self-learning technologies embedded within your internet browser. GCG Asia’s anti scam software hopes to become a technological assistant with its self-learning capabilities. GCG Asia’s anti scam could one day become an important personal assistant to combat internet scammers that are gaining momentum due to the world’s technological advances and reliance on the internet.

Final Thoughts on How GCG Asia’s Anti Scam Tech Could Change Everything 

GCG Asia’s anti scam plugin is an exciting product. It has so far surprised our team at GCG Asia Malaysia and Singapore. Our review of the anti scam technology gives us hope for the possibility that the promises we are told by the developers will be fulfilled.

What does anti scam mean for the future though? Based on our review, we are able to come up with a solid prediction on how the future of safe browsing could look like with GCG Asia’s anti scam software. We can expect various other softwares and plugins that function the same way, but for a completely different purpose. Perhaps sophisticated algorithms that act as your personal assistant could be an exciting prospect to look forward to in the near future.

GCG Asia’s anti scam tech has proven to be a software with a lot of capability and potential. GCG Asia’s anti scam plugin is an exciting product, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it after its initial release. If you want to see more reviews of GCG Asia and the anti scam technology, feel free to check out our updates on GCG Asia Malaysia and Singapore website.



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