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GCG Asia Began with a Vision for a Better future

It all began with GCG Asia Founder and CEO Dr. Eddy Teow, a Malaysian citizen who graduated from London Imperial College. During his time in Cambodia, Eddy Teow realized a vision that would ignite his entrepreneur spirit to embark on a journey to introduce Financial Technology (Fintech) into Cambodia. Together  with his spouse Mrs. Cindy Tang, they established Global ComTech Gossip (GCG Asia) Cambodia in 2014.

It started with a simple online blog where opinion oriented articles were posted which were mostly written by Eddy Teow himself, then with the help of his entrepreneur friends, the blog would grow bigger in size and would subsequently attract a larger audience, the blog was named “GCG Asia Cambodia”, where Global ComTech Gossip would thrive.

Eddy Teow would become CEO of GCG Asia Global: ComTech Gossip, and is considered to be the GCG Asia founder. This Fintech News portal is now a leading platform for fintech entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and insight into the latest news and trends straight from the financial technology industry in Asia with a primary focus in Cambodia-based news. GCG Asia is committed to spread knowledge across the Asian continent for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for Asia Pacific.

GCG Asia‘s Mission & Vision for a Better Future

GCG Asia believes in technological advancement through the force of Asian fintech entrepreneurship. Hence why it is very important to establish a platform for fintech entrepreneurs to discover the latest news and trends in the financial technology industries from around the world and specifically Asia. 

Our mission is to share knowledge and insights not just from GCG Asia but also to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in Asia. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Eddy Teow believes that in doing so, technology could become a major factor in transforming our daily lives for a more sustainable and innovative future for the next generation of mankind. 


GCG Asia Scam Finder to Detect Financial Scams


A new technology designed to detect financial fraud

Global ComTech Gossip introduces to you GCG Asia Scam Finder, a new revolutionary algorithm developed by a team of computational algorithms experts based in the HQ of GCG Asia Cambodia spreading across 20,000 sq ft, for the main purpose of detecting financial fraud which is heavily present on the World Wide Web and has become an urgent topic to discuss amongst the fintech community of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Scammers often prey on internet users through false marketing and advertising materials that are currently roaming the internet today, it often causes confusion over its legitimacy, hence why GCG Asia Scam Finder was initially brought into discussion amongst entrepreneurs enthusiasts in order to protect the fintech community from financial fraud. This discussion is led by the CEO and Founder of  GCG Asia himself in which he believes in the technology’s effectiveness against financial scammers.

The developers of Global ComTech Gossip (GCG Asia) Cambodia are hopeful to continue tweaking and improving the technology before it’s initial release, and prepared to delay its release if necessary targets are not met. Currently, the technology remains in its early stages of development. GCG Asia Scam Finder developers are hopeful to finish development in the near future.

How does GCG Asia Scam Finder Detect Financial Fraud?

As mentioned previously, GCG Asia Scam Finder is a computer e designed for the sole purpose of detecting financial fraud, this algorithm introduces itself as a browser plugin which can be easily installed through different web browsers, the plugin itself is called “SCAMfinder” and will be available for free at launch. The algorithm will be able to detect unusual traffic when visiting related to finance, it will be able to read the metadata of the website in an attempt to verify its validity and whether it is registered with a legal license. The web integration experts in GCG Asia Cambodia will ensure that this algorithm and plugin “SCAMfinder” will work in synergy.



Global ComTech Gossip GCG Asia Scam Finder Latest News

In this section, GCG Asia: Global ComTech Gossip will provide you with the latest news, trends and updates related to GCG Asia Scam Finder, a new revolutionary tool to detect and combat financial fraud to ensure you a safe browsing experience for all internet users.


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The videography team at GCG Asia: Global ComTech Gossip is eager to communicate the latest trends and updates on financial technology through videos and visual aids, join us on a journey for the most exciting video content on financial technology for your own comprehension.


More about our team at GCG Asia: Global ComTech Gossip in Cambodia

GCG Asia is a team of passionate individuals led by CEO and Founder of GCG Asia Dr. Eddy Teow. Our writers are passionate entrepreneurs from all over Asia who are long time contributors to GCG Asia’s cause, each of our writers touch on topics relevant to their country of origin, such as GCG Asia Malaysia and Cambodia.